Head mounted temperature transmitter is used for resistance thermometer (RTD), thermocouple (TC), Resistance transmitter, voltage (mV) signal input, two wire 4-20mA analog output, mounted inside transmitter

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·       Transfer various kinds of input signal into 4-20mA output

·       Input: RTD, Thermocouple

·        Configuration by PC

·       2 kinds of resistance thermometer input (RTD)

·       8 kinds of thermocouple (TC)

·       Built-in cold junction compensation


Technical Parameters :  

  • Output Signal: 4-20mA
  • Max Load : max. (V power supply-7.5V)/0.022A (current output)
  • Measurement: temperature-linearity, resistance-linearity, voltage-linearity
  • Circuit limit: <=22Ma
  • Response time: <=1second
  • Saturation current: Low side 3.9mA, high side 20.5Ma
  • Alarm current: sensor damager or sensor turnoff output is 3.9mA
  • or 22mA(except TC)
  • Accuracy: 0.1%FS
  • Measuring accuracy is related to measuring rang
  • Power supply: U=12V to 40V
  • Working temperature: -40 to 85℃
  • Storage temperature: -40 to 100℃
  • Condensation: Allowable
  • Protection: IP00; IP66 (mounted)
  • Earthquake resistance:4g/2 to 150HZ
  • Voltage efficiency: can ignore
  • Mounted angle: no limit
  • Mount area: top of B type box