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Dimension 85*90*36mm
Cutout size 77*99mm
Installation Fixed hole installation and DIN-Rail (35mm )


Digital I/O 8DI/8DO
I/O level MT Output: NPN

MR output: Normally open dry contact

Input: Passive NPN, public terminal isolated

Output type Relay MR/Transistor MT/Both MRT

Maximum load of transistor is 500mA;Maximum load of relay is 5A

High speed counting Normally 6 channel single-phase 60KHzor 2 channel AB(Z) phases 60KHz+1 channel 10KHz;
High speed pulse Normally 8 channel. Y0-Y3 is 100KHz, Y4-Y7is 10KHz.

High-speed counting + high-speed pulse total output can not exceed 480KHz



Analog I/O AI:0-10V/4-20mA/0-20mA/PT100/PT1000/EK STJ type thermocouple(negative temperature) /NTC10K/NTC50K/NTC100K etc.
AO:0-10V/0-5V/0-20mA/4-20mA or mixed ones



COM port Two programming port(1 Mini B type USB port,faster downloading speed;1 Rs232,Interface terminal is mouse female port with 8 holes)
The total number of COM ports is 2. The default is 2 RS485;

Or customized as 1 RS485, 1 RS232;

Or customized as a RS485, 1 CAN;

Or customized as a RS232, 1 CAN.