Model no. P-COLOR300AB

(96X96X85mm, up to 6 channels)

Monochrome LCD with No flow totalizer .


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Petroleum, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Metallurgy, Paper, Electricity,

Nuclear power, Food, Cement, Building, aviation, Medical University

lab, Marine, Sewage treatment etc



Long Time Memory Recorder Interval Time Screensaver
8MB built in memory for long time memory, up to 220 years 1,2, 3,4,5,6……..3600second

Set flexibly

Set flexibly during 0-3000sec.

through parameter setting

Universal Input, 6 points USB Download Data Flow Totalizer
Photoelectrical isolated: T.C., RTD,mAdc, Vdc, mV, 0-5KHZ frequency Plug and play, data transferred by USB flash drive automatically. Flow rate &totalize recording, with temperature and pressure

compensation; daily, month report

Relay output, 2 Outputs Math, line operation math  Record time 
Max.2 relay output, 4 alarm types per channel: HHA, HA, LA. LLA Math: add: +, sub. -;mul:x

div: ÷; average; Max.; Min;

Line operation:8 points adjustment

45days X Record Interval Time /

(Total order Channels No.)

Communication Printing Various Screen Display
Standard RS485 MODBUS-RTU, monitor, read, print data, export data as excel for analysis on PC software RS232 printing port to mini printer, also by software to print data Real time& history data in digit,

curve , trend, bar-graph, circular chart