Model no. P-COLOR3000G

(144x144x73mm, 12 channels)


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Petroleum, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Metallurgy, Paper, Electricity,

Nuclear power, Food, Cement, Building, aviation, Medical University

lab, Marine, Sewage treatment etc


Features : 

Long Time Memory Recorder Interval Time Universal Input , 6 Points
8MB BUILD IN MEMORY FOR LONG TIME MEMORY, up to 220 years. 1,2,3,4,5,6……..3600 second Set flexibly Photoelectrical isolated: T.C, RTD, mA DC, Vdc, mV, 0-5KHz frequency
Screensaver: Various Screen Display: USB Download Data
Set flexibly during 0-3000sec. Through parameter setting. Real time & history data in digit, curve, trend , bar-graph, circular chart. Plug and play , data transferred by USB flash drive automatically.
Relay Output, 2 outputs Printing Record time:
Max.2 relay output , 4 alarm types per channel : HHA, HA, LA, LLA RS232 printing port to mini printer, also by software to print data 45days X Record Interval Time/( Total order Channel no.)
Flow totalizer Math, line Operation Math Communication
Flow rate & totalize recording with temperature and pressure compensation ; daily , month report Math : add+, sub -, mult x , div ÷, average, Max: Min, line operation :8 points adjustment Standard RS485 MODBUS-RTU, monitor read, print data, export data as excel for analysis on PC software