Model: P-HZD

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1. Specification

Sensitivity: 20mv/mm/s±5% 30mv/mm/s±5% 50mv/mm/s±5%

Frequency Response: 5-100Hz (10-300Hz)

Measuring Range

1). 0-10mm/s 0-20mm/s 0-30.0mm/s 0-40.0mm/s 0-50.0mm/s

2). 0-100um 0-200um 0-300um 0-400um 0-500um

Signal Output: standard current 4-20mA (default when order)

Output Impedance: ≤500 Power supply: DC24V

Max acceleration: 10g Measurement Direction: vertical or horizontal

Mounting method: vertical or horizontal mounted on the measured vibrating point

Mounting thread: B type: M10X1.5, F type: M20X1.5

Working Ambient: Temperature: -30 to 50, Relative humidity≤90%

Size and Weight: B type: φ45×90mm, about 350g F type: φ70x115mm,about750g



4. Installation

4.1 Leading Cable: three-core sheathed cable, red wire: DC24V, black wire: Ground (GND), yellow wire: current output (4-20mA).

4.2 Calibration: Please connect the ammeter positive terminate “+” to yellow wire, the negative terminate “-“to black wire; Power supply DC24V “+” to red wire, DC24V “-“to black wire. When without signal input, the ammeter displays 4.00mA. If not display 4.00mA, please adjust the potentiometer (rectangular) to make the current as 4.00mA.

Please adjust the range of the vibration calibration instrument to the required one. So the ammeter will display 20.00mA. If not 20.00mA, please adjust the potentiometer (rectangular) to make the current as 20.00Ma

4.3 Mounting position: The transmitter can be mounted vertically or horizontal in the measured point.

Please fix the screw bolt M10X1.5 in bottom of the transmitter (welding screw nut M20X1.5) on the measured object. Then screw on the transmitter.


5. Note

5.1 Strong shock and knock should be avoided on transmitter

5.2The transmitter should be packed in the box during the transport and storage.