Model No.: Cooling Tower


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  • Adopts high quality PVC heat radiation films.
  • The designed shape of films effectively prolongs the contact time between high temperature water and the cooling air, thus the cooling effect is excellent.
  • Tower chassis, featuring anti-corrosion, strong ability of resistance of vile weather
  • Presentable appearance, it is made of high strength glass fibre, its rotation part and connection area is made of high quality raw materials. It helps to improves the service life and connection strength



  1. Parameters according to : Inlet temp – T1= 37 Degree Celsius, outlet temp – T2= 32 Degree Celsius, wet bulb temp -WBT =27 Degree Celsius, temperature difference of cooling water- Ts= 5 Degree Celsius , atmospheric pressure -P= 99400Pa.
  2. The above parameters are also suitable for standard ST series, LKT/SS series and high temperature type.