Model no. 3P48-MFPM , 3P72-MFPM3P96-MFPM

Size: 48x48mm, 72x72mm , 96x96mm


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Multi-function power meter is a kind of meter with functions of programmable measurement, display, digital communication and electric pulse
transmission output etc. It can be with functions of the power measurement, energy metering, data display &collection and transmission, widely used in the substation automation, power distribution automation, intelligent building and enterprise internal power measurement, management and evaluation.
With 0.5 grades measurement accuracy, it can realize the LED display, remote RS485 digital communication interface, adopting MODBUS – RTU communication protocol.


Size: 96×96, 72×72, 48x48mm
AA, AV, DV, DA ,frequency, power factor, energy
active power, reactive power measurement
for 3 phase 3 line, 3 phase 4 line
 Accuracy:
Current, voltage:
0.2 grade , RMS measurement
Power: 0.5 grade
Energy: 0.1 grade
 Display: LED Range: Range: ±1999
 Output:
RS485 , Modbus‐RTU protocol
Max. 4 retransmission output
Max. 4 DO output
Max. 4 DI input
 Power Supply: 85‐260VAC